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frame havana cappuccino kod 12


Manufacturer: Antyramy
Model: h10
Shipment:48 hours
Weight:0.50 kg
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We will produce a frame for you, in which you can easily fit any picture and will complete any interior. Photo, that is framed in our product, can decorate a wall or your desk at work. The width of the frame profile is 3,1 cm and the height is 1,5 cm. The fact that we use two-sidedly foiled plexy, provides perfect transparency on the front of the frame, that doesn’t deform the picture. We can also change two-sidedly foiled plexy for 2mm glass. As a back to 21x29,7 frame we use 3,2 mm HDF, that is simply smooth on both sides to which we add a hinge with a leg / stand / and a hanging tag on the wall. Above this format we do not mount the leg. Cassese's regular folding plates for frame closure are made of patented steel alloy that can be bent many times without cracking (they can withstand 2 times more bends than other brands). We can produce any frame according to the order of the client. The size of the frame indicates which image can be bound to it. Frames made in Poland

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